Anne Litwin

Author, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Trainer and OD Consultant

“New Rules for Women” Blog

Welcome to the launch of my new blog, “New Rules for Women.”  I hope this blog will stimulate conversations about the issues and challenges that women face in the workplace. It can also be a place where we celebrate our strengths and exchange ideas for how to build upon them.  I hope that both women and men will engage in these conversations as a way to understand each other better and learn to support each other more.  We need to work together to bring about the many changes needed in our work environments to make them more inclusive of all of us and make our organizations more productive.   I look forward to hearing from you.

Women’s Friendship Rules at Work

Relationships at work are important for getting things done, and they increase our ability to enjoy our work. Of course, we can be friendly with both female and male coworkers, but my research and the subject of my new book, New Rules for Women, shows that women often have different relationship expectations of their female colleagues than of their male colleagues. I call these expectations women’s friendship rules.